Beyond Funding: Building Indonesia's Digital Ecosystem and Fostering Local Champions

Beyond Funding:
Building Indonesia's Digital Ecosystem
Fostering Local Champions
Building Indonesia's Digital Ecosystem

The Cornerstone of Our Principle

Legacy Principle


Rooted in the BRI legacy, we leverage decades of financial acumen and market insight to drive the expansion of financial inclusion.

Synergy Principle


We believe the key to success lies beyond funding—it requires rigorous alignment through strategic synergy.

Growth Principle


We facilitate acceleration by harnessing opportunities and sustainable success through our integrated financial ecosystem.

Our dedication is a driving force that shapes the nation's economic progress.

Sembrani Nusantara Cultivating Local Champions

As Indonesia's pioneering venture fund, Sembrani Nusantara aims to propel the nation's growth through innovative local champions.

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Founder's Success Story

  • Southeast Asia’s Largest Peer-to-Peer Financing Platform
    The company's platform provides fast and flexible funding for the growth of local SMEs.
    Provider of a peer to peer lending platform intended to connect small and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia with retail and institutional lenders.
    Reynold Wijaya Modalku Founder
    Reynold WIJAYA
    CEO of Modalku
  • Southeast Asia's digital financial services group
    The company's main mission is to make finance fair and inclusive for businesses in Southeast Asia.
    Since 2016, we've empowered Indonesian businesses with affordable payment services. Expanding our mission, we now offer essential financial services to underserved businesses. With offices in five countries and support from investors like Tiger Global and BRI Ventures, our partnership with BRI Ventures has enhanced our reach and market position, providing cost-efficient solutions to Indonesia's underserved communities.
    Hendra Kwik
    Hendra Kwik
    CEO of Payfazz
  • Integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) Business Solution Platform for Indonesian MSME
    Majoo is a leading SaaS company in Indonesia, providing solutions for Indonesia’s 25 million MSME Retail.
    Our partnership with BRI Ventures has been transformative, acting as a catalyst in driving our shared vision forward. Beyond providing financial support, BRI Ventures has been an invaluable source of strategic guidance and industry insights.
    Adi Wahyu Rahadi
    Adi Wahyu Rahadi
    CEO & Founder of Majoo
  • Indonesian Smart Farming Company that Uses IoT, Big Data, and Post Harvest Processing
    Beleaf brings the best and most nutritious products to families tables, while supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture practices with technology.
    BRI Ventures has been instrumental in aiding Beleaf with facilities to provide to farmers including guidance, advisory services and farmer loans.
    Amrit Lakhiani
    Amrit Lakhiani
    CEO and Founder Beleaf Farms
  • Indonesia’s Integrated Digital Payment Solution Platform
    It's an inception between 10 State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and two largest regional Decacorns in SEA.
    The main mission is to accelerates financial inclusion in Indonesia by establishing an end-to-end value chain ecosystem, focusing on B2B and B2C within the SOE ecosystem.
    Yogi Rizkian Bahar
    Yogi Rizkian Bahar
    CEO of LinkAja
  • Indonesia's Digital Payment Enabler Platform
    We have been successful in our mission by launching various Payment and Banking API Stacks, catering to over 240 companies across Indonesia.
    Our collaboration with BRI Ventures has been instrumental in propelling our vision forward. The support provided by BRI Ventures goes beyond financial backing; it extends to strategic guidance and a wealth of industry insights.
    Chiragh Kirpalani
    Chiragh Kirpalani
    CEO and Founder Ayoconnect
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