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Sembrani Nusantara represents a symbol of the future startup philosophy. Sembrani, Batara Wisnu’s horse in the wayang story, is a representation of a unicorn with local wisdom.

The Pioneer of The First OJK-Licensed Venture Fund

The fund's objective is to provide optimal growth over the value of an investment in equities through Securities Selection with consideration on global conditions, Indonesia's macroeconomics, and the performance of each investee.

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Our Dana Ventura distributes its funding not just to startups, but also to accelerators to ensure broader support for the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sembrani Wira is an accelerator program designed to provide guidance in the form of mentorship with industry experts, technical training, and benefits to support the development of digital MSMEs.

It is anticipated that after participating in this program, startup companies can grow, be prepared to advance to the next stage, and become sustainable businesses

This joint accelerator program is strategically designed to seek out and mentor post-seed startups in Indonesia, specifically those aligning their products and services with the requirements of merchants and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Executed in 2 batches (batch 4 and 5), Sembrani Wira with Grab Ventures Velocity (GVV) is a collaboration which represents a synergistic initiative, unifying the accelerator programs of BRI Ventures and Grab to bolster the development of startups within the Indonesian landscape.

Through TokoLaunchPad, Tokocrypto collaborates with Sembrani Wira Accelerator—an initiative by BRI Ventures—to establish TSBA (Tokocrypto Sembrani Blockchain Accelerator).

TSBA is formed to foster and build the ecosystem of Indonesian startups supported by blockchain technology.

This program includes a rigorous bootcamp given by professionals and industry experts, access to various perks provided by our partners, an Exhibition at an exclusive venue, and a chance to expand business through investment opportunities and partnership.

Powered by BRI Ventures and partners, KIQANI Lab is a D2C-focused accelerator that aims to support local brand startups in Indonesia.

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